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The protective shield against airborne viruses, bacteria and germs

MyAirShield actively cleans the air

MyAirShield is the practical means for higher air purity, which you can easily wear around your neck. The released chlorine dioxide gas acts as a protective shield around the body of the person carrying it and can therefore be effective against viruses and bacteria.

The product is effective for up to 90 days.

Clinical testet

The effectiveness of chlorine dioxide has been clinically tested in various studies. The effect against a number of different viruses and bacteria was proven.

Since this is a new product, we as a sales partner cannot guarantee its effectiveness and suitability. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer directly.


MyAirShield disperses small amounts of chlorine dioxide that eliminates pollutants in ambient air and on surfaces. A protective layer forms around the user, which adheres to the wearer's skin and clothing and actively decomposes viruses and bacteria.

Since the density of the chlorine dioxide released is slightly higher than our ambient air, the gas falls on people's clothing. Since chlorine dioxide rises when it is warm and our body has a certain temperature, the chlorine dioxide rises again. This mechanism creates a protective shield around the person wearing MyAirShield.


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